We respond to the challenge!

Tammer-Juristit is known for its youthful attitude and individual service, this makes our office an association that is easy to approach.

Confidential relationship between customers and our office is composed of small details and is a result of long-term work.

We can be proud to say that we answer to the challenge.

Experience, wide knowledge and good service, that makes a modern attorney’s office!

Legal expenses insurance

How much does litigation cost? Legal expenses insurance compensates reasonable, necessary legal service and litigation expenses arising from the services of a lawyer in any disputes, criminal cases or petitions that can be immediately processed in Finland by a District Court and that are connected to the private life of the insured.
Legal expenses insurance is valid for the insured and for any people permanently living in the same household.

The insurance compensates any events insured that occur during the validity of the insurance policy. Legal expenses insurance is an optional part available to the most common voluntary insurance policies against loss or damage. Private persons usually get legal expenses insurance as part of their home or car insurance policy.

You can rely on us!

Security is at our law firm valued at a very high level and we can guarantee that our customers’ confidential matters do not under any circumstances get outside of the office.
Tammer-Juristit Ltd Attorneys at Law is a young, dynamic and fast growing law firm, which is owned by lawyers working at the office. The law firm was established in 1996 in Tampere and nowadays we operate nationwide with a special focus on he Pirkanmaa region. Our lawyers have acted as attorneys and lawyers in several law firms, as well as at other expert positions in business and the public sector. Lawyers’ experience and expertise, as well as an enthusiastic and hands-on approach are the customers’ preference.

Safe trendsetter!

We serve our customers in all law matters. We have wide knowledge of trials, family law and criminal cases and in many other law services that private persons might need.

Tammer-Juristit Ltd continues to work for the success of the companies in Pirkanmaa. We are on your side for the whole lifetime of your company, whether you have a small or large company.