Tammer-Juristit focuses especially on legal services for SMEs.

This is why Tammer-Juristit has been the nation-wide partner of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises. We offer member companies of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises and their employees a discount of 15% from legal services up to €1,000.00.

The needs of SMEs differ from those of large corporations. SMEs need help quickly in issues that most large corporations handle through their own lawyer or administration. SMEs need daily assistance in a variety of agreement issues, employment relationship issues, issues pertaining to employment contracts, tax law, funding and its terms, insurance, real property law, product development subsidies, the web and brands, marketing law, patents, partnership agreements, etc.

We feel that SMEs deserve a flexible legal partner whose services are reasonably priced.

We offer reasonably priced legal services for SMEs, and we understand the everyday life of an entrepreneur. We believe that we can offer your company a partner with whom you can quickly do business and in whose expertise you can trust like a rock. If you don’t believe us, try us – we are entrepreneurs, too.