The business conditions of the market seek to ensure competition through the regulatory process. The battle for market shares often includes court cases that can, however, be avoided with the help of a specialized lawyer.

Tammer-Juristit law firm have considerable expertise and experience in different areas of competition law. We have a central role in the largest cartel court case in Finland representing a significant number of congregations, municipalities and private persons.  Our legal expertise has benefited i.a. leading print media as well as television, for example in the  A-Studio program where a representative of one of our legal affiliates have given their expert comments related to the field.

Knowledge of EU competition law is essential as it applies directly to national and international markets. Competition law together with the EU regulation of national subsidies have an effect that companies should also be aware of.

Our experience in cartel and other judicial competition processes helps our clients to understand the risks and opportunities, giving it the advantage over competitors.