Tammer-Juristit Attorneys have covered corporate restructuring and bankruptcy since the 1990’s. A particularly good reference is the fact that Tammer-Juristit and JuriNet member agencies, lawyers have also worked at a business management level, which helps them in understanding the real problems companies face.

In corporate reorganization matters it is important to respond fast. The sooner the company starts solving its difficulties, the better end-result there is possible to achieve.  When corporate reorganization negotiations are held together with the creditors, bankruptcy can often be avoided. A successful corporate reorganization means that a company can continue its work without permanent distress and personal tragedies. Corporate restructuring is, in most cases, a better alternative than bankruptcy because thus a viable businesses, jobs and economic values can be secured. JuriNet law firms have gained through their expertise and experience a reputation of a reliable operator in the eyes of creditors, debtors and the court.

Bankruptcy is a solution when the financial difficulties of the company become untenable. Bankruptcy begins when the debtor files for bankruptcy.  In bankruptcy proceedings the expertise of the administrator of the estate is highlighted. The bankrupt company has to be taken over swiftly and right kind of measures need to be taken in order to achieve good realization results. JuriNet lawyers have acted in the capacity of administrators of countless estates. In most cases however, corporate restructuring is the more sensible way to proceed, before starting bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings. Therefore it is good for the lawyers handling the case at hand to have experience from both procedures.