Tammer-Juristit serves clients in litigation proceedings in all the Finnish courts of law, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution cases.

All disputes should first and foremost be resolved by means of negotiations. Most of the disputes we handle are settled out of court, which is the more affordable way. In case a settlement is not an option, our lawyers will make sure in court that the best possible result for our client is achieved. Our lawyers have obtained their expertise in litigation through their years of practicing law, which has offered them versatile experience, and through continuous training.

Besides assisting in court proceedings, we take care of the enforcement of judgements in Finland and, with the help of our legal network, also abroad.

Arbitration Board of the Finnish Chambers of Commerce, which is an impartial arbitration body, resolves all kinds of business disputes. An arbitration clause is a very common term in agreements between companies. The benefits of arbitration include speed, confidentiality, the expertise of the arbitrators and the fact that the decisions are final.

Arbitration often involves major financial interests. Don’t let coincidence or inexperience of your lawyer seal the case.