Our lawyers have extensive experience in the following issues:
–                           Acquisition of IT systems and services
–                           Product development agreements
–                           Technology transfer agreements
–                           Manufacturing, subcontracting, retail and license agreements
–                           Agreements relating to web business
–                           Agreements relating to biotechnology
–                           Non-competition and non-disclosure agreements
–                           Partnership agreements
–                           Employment contracts
–                           Actions for damages relating to IT law/IPR

For example, we draft partnership agreements for SMEs weekly.

Intellectual property is often an essential part of a company’s business strategy. Intellectual property rights usually consist of patents, utility models, employment inventions, business names, domain names, copyrights, trademarks and the protection of trade secrets.

In the area of IT law and IPR, it is better to turn to a lawyer at a very early stage, i.e. at the latest when you are about to draft agreements. Our lawyers act as legal counsels in the Federation of Finnish Enterprises also in the area of IT law/IPR.