We have strong evidence of our extensive experience in disputes pertaining to housing and property transactions. Our lawyers have been involved in the administration of the nation-wide Finnish House Owners’ Association, acted as telephone consultants for the Finnish House Owners’ Association, participated in the housing transaction division of the Consumer Disputes Board, acted as property experts in the boards of property companies and housing companies, provided legal services for real estate agencies, etc. Some of them even have education from the construction industry, and there are lawyers who are certified real estate agents (LKV) or are familiar with environmental law. Furthermore, some of our lawyers have been authorised as attesting notaries by the National Land Survey of Finland, which means that they can act as an attesting notary in property transactions.

From us, you can get the services of lawyers who are familiar with the common pitfalls of housing transactions, which means that they will able to minimise the risk of future problems. We can also assist you in case the damage or surprise is already reality. In such cases, we aim at putting things right.

Our lawyers are also popular lecturers on housing and property transactions at a variety of events. We have more than fifteen years of experience in giving lectures.

Despite all of this, or because of it, depending on how you think about it, we are eager to serve you with our legal expertise.

One person alone cannot be the best in everything, however. We have a network of partners including real estate agencies, condition surveyors, technical experts, architects, engineers, fellow lawyers, financial institutions and even specialist physicians, because we understand that no one person can know everything. Hopefully, all of us together are better than even the best expert could be alone!

A housing transaction dispute is often caused by careless preparation of the transaction and defective legal knowledge. You should also keep in mind that there may always be surprises for both parties, and it is not possible to provide for all eventualities.

There are clearly more housing and property transactions than before, which means that there are also more disputes. Typical problems leading to a dispute include humidity damage, problems with mould, high radon content of a building, errors in determining the size of an apartment or building, and other construction defects. Most of the legal praxis on transactions involving homes with humidity or mould damage has involved ‘hidden defects’. A typical characteristic of a hidden defect is that it is a surprise for both the buyer and the seller. The buyer could not have noticed it when inspecting their new home, and the seller did not conceal any information.

If you are the buyer, you must submit a notice of defect as soon as you notice the damage. If you are the seller, you must respond to this notice and be aware of what the buyer can demand from you. If you are unsure, call us – we can help you already over the phone!

Over the years, our lawyers have handled countless disputes about housing transactions, and we have extensive expertise in housing transaction issues. Our lawyers have been able to settle up to 60–70% of their housing transaction dispute cases at some point during the negations before court.

The expenses of housing transaction disputes are usually compensated by legal expenses insurance, which is part of a regular homeowner’s insurance policy, but you can also get legal aid for such disputes (cost-free legal proceedings).