Liability for damages is usually generated in connection with a contractual violation in a legal relationship or in connection with a wilful or negligent act of a third party. If the injured party and the party causing the damage are in a contractual relationship, the full compensation principle applies. This principle is based on the idea that the injured part must be restored to the status in which they would have been without the damage. If the damage was caused by a crime or the action of a public authority, or if there are any other special circumstances, damage that is not directly related to the material damage or bodily injury may also have to be compensated.

Typical cases handled by us include patient injury cases, claims by plaintiffs in criminal cases, damage caused by employees to contractual partners, damage caused by service providers to contractual partners or third parties, damage caused by employees of public sector entities and damage caused by slipping in the wintertime.

Our lawyers have experience also in demanding competition law claims, such as currently ongoing wood cartel cases. In 2011, our lawyers drafted dozens of applications for a summons when several private persons, parishes and municipalities decided to demand damages from Finnish forest companies Metsäliitto Cooperative, UPM-Kymmene Corporation and Stora Enso Oyj due to a cartel.