A trial over a dispute is a question of settling a disagreement between people or companies in an impartial manner in a court of law. The case can concern, for example, damages, faults in apartment deals or annulment of sale, validity of an agreement, dispute over an employment agreement, house rent issues, demand for payment, or any other dispute or agreement between private persons. Disputes arise from private legal relationships, the circumstances or contents of which the parties understand differently, thus bringing the case to trial to be settled by a court of law.

The proceedings in a dispute are begun by filing a written summons application to the district court. The application must include the claims made by the plaintiff, as well as the justifications for the claims. The agreement or other document on which the plaintiff bases their claim must be attached to the summons application. The plaintiff must also state the witnesses included in the case.

In case the defendant denies the suit, proceedings will be continued orally. This contains an oral pretrial conference to which all parties to the dispute are summoned. During the pretrial conference, the judge will determine the points the parties to the dispute disagree on. In case a compromise is reached during the conference, the district court will confirm it, thus closing the case for good. In case a compromise cannot be reached, the oral hearing will be concluded and main proceedings on the case will be begun.

In trials concerning disputes, the decision, i.e. the judgment, will be declared either immediately after the main hearing or later in the office.

We recommend laymen to always have Tammer-Juristit lawyers assist them in such matters. This ensures that the material truth of the case is available for resolution instead of losing the case on the basis of, for example, mere formal requirements. So-called legal expenses insurance can often be used for trials, which means that the insurance company pays the majority of legal expenses. Legal aid, i.e. free legal proceedings, is also available for trials.

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