Private individuals

Digital inheritance

Every email, text message and digital photo is considered as digital inheritance. This part of the estate is not usually worth anything but it is a means to find out about the personal life of the deceased person.
However, digital inheritance may include financial information, for example winnings in gaming accounts, virtual money, network shopping accounts, bonuses and compensations.

The amount of digital inheritance with monetary value is increasing. That is why it is important for people to dictate what they want to happen to their digital property before they die: who gets what and who is to receive the user info and passwords, so that the digital inheritance can be authenticated. It would be wise to make plans for disposing of your digital property by making a testament. The maker of the testament can plan ahead of time to shut down certain services, close accounts and to have worthless or sometimes sensitive materials destroyed by a third party. This way relatives will not be able to pry into the private affairs of the deceased person. It is possible to name the person who will receive the part of the digital inheritance that has financial value in a testament.