Service since 1996.

Law office Tammer-Juristit Oy

The Law Firm Tammer-Juristit Oy was founded in 1996. We work with clients nationwide, but our main focus is our customers in Pirkanmaa, Kanta-Häme and Helsinki. We offer legal and advisory services for everyday matters, as well as for solving complex legal issues. We serve businesses, consumers and public entities.

We have a high degree of specialised skill and insight, to solve our clients legal issues, in all areas of their business activities.
Our lawyers are ironclad professionals that, as well as working on a daily basis in this law firm, they perform specialist tasks, for businesses and the public sector. It is our client’s privilege, to work with experts, that are enthusiastic and people centered in their approach, yet practical in the way they work.

Tammer-Juristit´s national and international collaborative networks ensure the excellent recourses needed, to serve businesses, consumers and public entities.