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Personal contracts

A well drawn up contract guarantees the reaching of desired goals, as well as avoiding arguments about different interpretations of the contract. We assist private citizens in the drawing up of various types of contracts. Some examples of these are: deed of a gift, promissory note, complaint, consumer complaint, housing contract, divided management contract, land rental contract, other rental agreement, sales contract for movable tangible goods, employment contract, managerial contract, confidentiality contract, as well as domestic rights contract such as a testament, orders to dispose of digital inheritance, prenuptial agreement, divorce petition, reserved inheritance share demand, partition and partition agreement.

We also help with all contract disputes. If you did not get in touch with us when a contract was drawn up, we suggest that you contact our lawyers as soon as a dispute concerning the contract arises. When disputes occur, we recommend that our lawyer is called quickly, so that damages are minimized and the client’s interests are protected. Often disputes arise when contracts are ended, either by cancelling or dissolving. When a contract is drawn up, there should always be a mention about the contract coming to an end. If you are unsure about ending a contract, do not hesitate to turn to our experts.