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Work and public service law

Our quickly changing society and legislation as well as internationalization, place particular challenges on labour- and public service law questions and in their understanding. When you are in a dispute case in civil court, before the civil servant commission, in the administrative court or in labour court, it is safe to turn to a lawyer that is an expert in labour law. We take care of different kinds of labour law questions and problems in various ways.

Labour law includes for example issues about:

  • employment
  • employment contracts
  • employment contract interpretations
  • layoffs
  • firing procedures
  • the dissolving of employment contracts
  • severance payment and
  • other employment issues that cause arguments.

The daily following of legislation, ongoing training, and extensive experience in the different areas of labour law as attorneys, as well as in company management positions, ensures that our customers get the best resources to handle their labour law issues.