Private individuals

Private individuals

In our office we serve private individuals by attending to their legal matters confidentially and professionally. We offer law- and advisory services for life´s everyday events as well as for solving complicated problems.

The most important thing for us is that our customer is satisfied with our services.

We will be there to help for example in the following matters:

Housing sales disputes

We offer you the assistance of our capable real-estate lawyers, that know all the pitfalls in the sale or purchase of housing and this will minimize your problems from the get go.

Digital inheritance

Every email, text message and digital photo is considered as digital inheritance. This part of the estate is not usually worth anything, but it is a means to find out about the deceased´s personal life.

Work and public service law

When you are in a dispute case in civil court, before the civil servant commission, in the administrative court or in labour court, it is safe to turn to a lawyer that is an expert in labour law.

Court cases

Litigation cases are private citizens or businesses solving disputes in court.

Divorce and children

Spouses may apply for divorce either together or alone. The petition for a divorce is a two-step process. A divorce can primarily be granted, after a half year deliberation period, with the so-called phase II petition.

Criminal acts

We advise seeking legal help concerning criminal cases in the investigation phase, because pre- trial investigation is often instrumental in solving a case and getting a conviction.

Personal contracts

A well-drawn up contract, guarantees the reaching of desired goals as well as avoiding arguments, about different interpretations of the contract.

Due process insurance and free court fees

Due process insurance will cover necessary and reasonable advocacy and trial costs.

Inheritance and testaments

We will help you with all family and inheritance law matters. An estate inventory must be carried out within three months of the death of a person who lived in Finland.

Compensation for damages

An obligation for compensation arises because of a person´s intentional or negligent actions or because of a breach of contract.

Tax planning

The many different legislative acts and the rapid changes in tax-legislation and taxation in practice, place huge challenges on private citizens trying to practice smart tax planning.