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Digital inheritance

Every email, text message and digital photo is considered digital inheritance. This part of the estate is not usually worth anything but it is a means to find out about the personal life of the deceased person.
However, digital inheritance may include financial information, for example winnings in gaming accounts, virtual money, network shopping accounts, bonuses and compensations.

Digital inheritance may be found, for example,

  • on a computer
  • on a tablet
  • on a memory stick
  • on a memory card
  • on a separate hard drive
  • on a phone
  • on a camera
  • on a cloud server or on any other server


The amount of digital inheritance with monetary value increases constantly. This is why it is important for the decedent to determine what happens to their digital inheritance after their death: who receives what, and who is given passwords used for verifying said inheritance. It is profitable to dispose of one’s digital inheritance by will. In the will, the decedent will precautionarily determine that certain contracts will be terminated, user accounts closed, and digital content without monetary value exterminated by an external party. This is a way to ensure that near relatives will not “rummage” the decedent’s personal data. The recipient of the inheritance with monetary value can also be disposed by will.