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Housing sales disputes

Tammer-Juristit will be at your service in the sale or purchase phase. We offer you the assistance of our capable real-estate lawyers, that know all the pitfalls in the sale or purchase of housing and this will minimize your problems from the get-go. To assist us in the real estate sector we have an extensive network of partners, that include real estate brokers, home inspection professionals, technical advisers, financial institutions and banks.

Typical problems leading to disputes during real estate sales are moisture damage, indoor air problems, excessive radon concentrations, the size and dimensions of the property and other construction problems.
Most real estate sales disputes, that end up in court resulting from moisture issues or mildew issues, are so-called latent defects. Typical of a latent defect, is the fact that it comes as a surprise for the buyer and the seller. The buyer has not been able to detect the defect during the house inspection and the seller has not tried to conceal anything about the property.

If you are in the position of the buyer, you must make a consumer complaint as soon as the defect is detected. The seller must respond to the complaint as thoroughly as possible. It is also good to be aware of what the buyer’s demands of compensation are. If you are unsure about anything, contact us.

The lawyers at Tammer-Juristit Oy have handled countless real estate sales disputes, so we have the know-how when it comes to real estate matters. Due to our great negotiation skills, we have been successful in getting settlements in about 75% of the real estate sales disputes that we have handled. The costs of real estate sales disputes are usually covered by due process insurance which is normally included in the homeowners insurance policy. It is also possible to apply for legal aid (free legal proceedings).

The lawyers at Tammer-Juristit act as official (lawyer) advisors for the Finnish Home Association in the Pirkanmaa area. You can read more about this and about the benefits the Home Association gives its members, on the home site of the Home Association.