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Criminal acts

We advise seeking legal help concerning criminal cases in the investigation phase, because pre-trial investigation is often instrumental in solving a case and getting a conviction. That is why it is important that the crime suspect has a professional defence lawyer. An expert defence lawyer can properly monitor that the suspects rights and interests are taken care of in the investigation phase.

The victim of the crime or the so-called plaintiff, is the person who was targeted by the crime. The victim has a right to get compensation, from the person who committed the crime, for the damage that the crime caused the victim. This sort of compensation could be for example compensation for pains and aches, as well as compensation for a temporary handicap and for financial loss or so-called compensation for suffering. The plaintiff should always use a criminal attorney. By using our attorneys, you will ensure your right as the victim, to receive sufficient compensation for damages.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in the handling of so-called traditional criminal proceedings, which could be for example: a traffic offence and driving while intoxicated, fraud, concealment of stolen goods, accepting or giving a bribe, violent crimes, economic offences, and countless others. Our experts handle cases that require speciality knowhow, such as communication offences, copyright offences, health care offences and responsibility, job safety matters, war crimes, doping offences, offences in public office and environmental offences.

Economic offences

Economic and debtor offences are mainly offences that centre on bookkeeping and taxation. Examples of typical offences are false accounting, the misuse of insider information and business secrets, debtor’s dishonesty, debtor’s fraud, creditor favouring and blood crimes. Economic offences are usually connected to substantial economical interests. That is why it is very important for the accused, that his lawyers have a good understanding of bookkeeping and taxation and know how to apply it to criminal law. The lawyers at Tammer-Juristit have strong in-depth knowledge on economic matters, bookkeeping and taxation. That is why we can ensure our customers the best possible defence in economic offences.

Restraining orders

A restraining order means that to ensure the safety of a person, or their health, freedom or peace, another person may be denied the right to contact the first person. A restraining order is often filed for in cases where an ex-partner’s or room-mate’s phone calls, text messages or inappropriate visits are found disrupting. Anyone who feels thoroughly threatened, or harassed can file for a restraining order. Restraining orders are handled in civic court as urgent matters. They are treated as offences. The report is read and both parties are heard. Also, witnesses are called if deemed necessary.

The person named in a basic restraining order is not allowed to get close to or contact the person who is being protected. The restraining order can be extended to cover the protected person’s house, vacation property, workplace or any other place that is comparable.