Our Experts

Our experts are not only attorneys and lawyers. They have served in positions with responsibilities, such as in banking institutions, businesses and as judges in district court. They are also notaries. Tammer-Juristit has expert partners in different fields and an international collaborative network. It is our client´s privilege, to work with experts, that are enthusiastic and people centred in their approach, yet practical in the way they work. Together with our clients and partners we will succeed.

Janne Nuutinen

managing director, partner, attorney, vice judge

Janne Nuutinen has served as Tammer-Juristit Oy´s managing director for two and a half years. Janne is a depty judge, whose specialty fields are housing and real-estate sales disputes, civil liability law, business contracts, bankruptcy and company restructuring and economic offences. After working as a bank manager for 12 years, Janne has a well-rounded, professional view of business- and personal matters.

Sari Honkalampi

partner, attorney, vice judge

The other partner in Tammer-Juristit Oy is Sari Honkalampi and she has worked in our firm the longest, since 2008. Attorney Honkalampi has extensive experience in family law and law of inheritance, as well as issues pertaining to children. Her other specialty fields are labour law, criminal justice and all dispute cases. Sari also has experience in sport law and cartel matters. She has served as an attorney advisor in Finland´s largest cartel case.

Raakel Alimran

associate lawyer, LLM

Raakel has graduated in 2016 and has a Master of Laws degree. Her theses on the sport-insurance-system was published in a series of books called Sport Law. The assignments that Raakel usually takes care of are: family law and law of inheritance cases, as well as cases involving law of obligation. As a former athlete she is interested in all legal questions concerning sports.

Jenni Räsänen

legal secretary

Elsa Lehtonen